R/Gankanda Central College,Pelmadulla



Gankanda College is a highly venerated educational precinct with an unblemished record of producing great academicians and professionals in the history of education in our country. The year 2010 marked the important milestone in the history of Gankanda Central College, Pelmadulla.

Through so many hardships the school completed its 81st anniversary on March 3. When we flash back the history of Gankanda College, there we find three brothers called, “Punchimahattaya Gankanda”, “Dingirimahattya Gankanda” and “Heenmahattaya Gankandaā€¯, the famous philanthropists who had started this school and it has been ceremonially opened by Sir.D.B.Jayathilaka in 1929 with 40 students and 4 teachers. Under the concept introduced by Dr.C.W.W.Kannagara, the school was also changed into the status of a Central College on January 1, 1946


R/Gankanda Central College
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